Creating brands that don't just stand out but stand for something

We'll probably get along realllly well if:

1. You're bold enough to create your own path

Cause I love seeing women breaking free from norms and expectations. And I aim to inspire freedom and self-expression through branding. 

2. You are really into ethical marketing & ethics in general

Just like me, you love ethical marketing cause it shows there’s a different way to show up online that feels good to us and our audiences.

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3. Compassion is your middle name

My approach is all about meeting people where they are. I aim to make everyone feel seen and understood, without triggering feelings of shame or negativity. And I won’t push people into taking steps they’re not ready for. 

4. You absolutely love empowering other women

Cause like me you’re not into messaging that makes women feel desperate, incapable, or unintelligent. I personally refuse to prey on insecurities. Instead, I aim to build on the unique talents and abilities every woman brings to the table.

Ever been in a group and someone asks, 'Tell me about yourself,' and you suddenly forget who the heck you are?

This is what this feels like. This is honestly the part where I’m supposed to impress you with my skills and accolades, but honestly, I’d rather just be real with you.

Okay. So designing Logos? Easy. Writing About Myself? Send Help

You know when you’re in a group setting and someone asks you, ‘tell me about yourself,’ and all of a sudden you forget who the heck you are? This is what this feels like. This is honestly the part where I’m supposed to impress you with my skills and accolades, but honestly, I’d rather just be real with you.

I’m going to let you in on a secret:

I never thought I could have a business and still be true to who I am as an introvert. Heck I didn’t even believe I could be a business owner BECAUSE I’m an introvert.

When I was kid, I always felt different from other kids. And one day in complete frustration, I cried out to the clouds (back when we used to think God was in the clouds), asking God, ‘Why am I so different? Why can’t I be like everyone else?’ 

This feeling would follow me throughout my entire childhood and into adulthood, and then eventually into my business.

I would try to fit in and do what everybody else was doing at the expense of being myself

And as a result, I believed the lie that I had to change who I was, as an introvert and empath in order to be successful. This is why my goal is to help women express themselves fully, instead of conforming and being something they’re not. And so that they don’t end up building businesses that don’t align with their personality.

Want the real story?

I spent Too Much Time trying to fit into the mold of what I thought a successful business owner should look like, and it was exhausting

In the beginning of 2021, I was just sitting there, staring at my Instagram account, feeling trapped. I felt this intense pressure to create a certain persona to be taken seriously as a business owner, like my true self wasn’t enough to succeed. It was pretty exhausting, to be honest.

Here's the truth: You Could Build Your Brand And Website Without Me and it would look Amazing

Most of my clients don’t hire me because that they can’t DIY their own brands or websites. They can easily use Google, Canva, ChatGPT, and Pinterest to figure out how to create the perfect brand or website.

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So Why Do My Clients Choose To Work With Me If They can DIY?

Cause they hate the process of doing it. At the end of the day, you could dive into endless tutorials on branding, look through Pinterest for website inspiration, and successfully put together a brand and website all on your own. And like I said, it would look great.

But If You’ve Ever Had To Do Research On A Topic You’re Not Passionate About, Then You Know It's Not Fun​

And if you’re super busy, juggling all of this while still managing your core business tasks, like serving your clients, and trying to have a balance where you don’t work outside of your business hours—you know how time-consuming a DIY can be.


So working with a designer is optional; your Business Won't Fail Without one

But when you know you’re no longer in love with your current logo, brand, or website, and you also know you either don’t have the time to DIY or don’t even want to, then having the option to hire a designer is pretty nice.

So if you prefer not to do it on your own then let's team up

But you probably need more details before booking an introductory call, so feel free to explore my services & pricing first.


Things to Know More About Me On a Personal level:

Nice Things People Say About Me

"She approaches branding, business, marketing, and sales differently than most."

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Feeling comfy with me already?

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I treat every call like a first date. We are not committing to anything yet and the goal is to figure out if we would be a good match. 

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