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Quick Answers To Questions You Have

I work with female coaches and therapists. 

I specifically love to collaborate with women who serve their clients from the heart and who are in business to make an impact.

I will use WordPress, Squarespace or Wix.

Yes, of course. If you  would like me to manage your website after launching it then I would love to. But if you want to be able to confidently manage it on your own and make edits then I will provide you with website tutorials to help you do that.

It depends on what you need. For Squarespace Maintenance and Support, the starting price is $100. For website or brand redesigns (or creating your new brand or website), the starting price is $1000 and my rates can go up to $7500 and beyond, depending on what you need. I have premium packages and budget-friendly packages that were crafted to meet you where you are in your entrepreneurial journey while also honoring my design expertise.

Yes, I do have  payment plans available. 

1. You usually start off by investing a 30% deposit to book your spot as a client. 

2. Then you invest 35% by the end of the first month of us working together.

3. And then you invest a final 35% by the end of the second month.

If you sign up for e-commerce, the pricing plan will be split into 4 parts instead of 3. With a deposit of 40%.

It depends on the packages. It can take 3 weeks, all the way up to 4 months.

No I don’t, but I do provide a DIY Copywriting Guide to help you create your website copy or messaging if you  can’t work with a copywriter right now.  But if you need me to help you find a copywriter, let me know in the discovery call.

Yes, sure. Download my services and prices guide by clicking here

Reach More People Online & Make a Bigger Impact

Helping heart-led female coaches, consultants and service providers reach more people online, and increase their impact, using web design and brand strategy.


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