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Want a website that stands out? Avoid these branding mistakes

Your brand helps you to position yourself in a specific way in your ideal client’s mind and form a deeper connection with them.

But there are two branding mistakes that you might be making that are hurting your website:

1. Your brand is focusing on your story, and unintentionally ignoring your ideal client

You know this is happening if :

  • You chose your colors and fonts based on what you liked without doing research to understand if they would resonate with your ideal client
  • People struggle to understand your services and what you offer

How you can avoid this:

  • Look at the colours and fonts that are often used in your industry, and look for patterns. If you want to use the color black as your background color but no-one in your industry is using black, then there might be a really good reason. You don’t want to copy what other people are doing, but you also don’t want to do things on your website that might drive your ideal clients away.
  • Send your website to someone outside of your industry and ask them if they understand everything that is on your website, especially the homepage. If they struggle to summarize what you do, then that means people are getting confused when they get on your website. You can also sign up for a website audit where I will assess your website to see what might be confusing your website visitors.

2. Your brand revolves only around your ideal client without sharing your story and your values

When we start out, this is a mistake many of us make. And you know you’re doing this if :

  • Your brand doesn’t feel aligned with you
  • You struggle to stand out online because you can’t differentiate yourself from your competitors or peers

Here are important questions to ask about your brand to help you avoid these mistakes:

How do I want my ideal client to see me or feel about me? How can I consistently show up this way?

What does my ideal client and I have in common, and how can I use that to differentiate myself from everyone?

So when working on your brand, it’s important to focus not only on what you like but also on what your ideal client would like too.

That way you will have a brand that not only speaks to your ideal client but also helps you stand out and show up in the world feeling more aligned.

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