WordPress website design and heart-led branding for Kids Meditation

Looking to Build a Brand That Gets to the Heart of Who You Are?

If you’ve been daydreaming of a brand and website that’s a true extension of you but feel a bit lost on making it real, then you might be able to relate to my client, Judy.

Meet Judy Johnson

Judy is the founder of Kids Meditation, a business originating in Cyprus. Her business teaches young children and teens mindfulness and meditation to help them better handle life's challenges with calmness and clarity.

Like many of my clients who are changemakers, Judy has her own special focus. She's not just advocating for mental health; she's also using holistic methods to actually make people feel better. But her vision goes even deeper. Judy wants to shift the needle on how we talk about mental health and aims to be the go-to source for parents, kids, and teens seeking support.

The goal

Judy felt like her brand and website were due for a makeover. She also wanted a brand style guide, so that whether she was updating her website or posting on social media, she would know how to keep her brand consistent.

She wanted to move away from her previous pastel theme, aiming for something that would feel colorful but clean and simple.

Judy didn't just want her brand and website to look good; she wanted it to feel good.She was looking for something more heartfelt and she wanted to work with someone who could understand and articulate the emotional essence of her work.

Which made it a perfect fit because what makes me different as a designer is that I focus alot on creating a heartfelt brand that doesn't just look pretty but makes people feel something.

Project Scope:

1. Brand Strategy which included:

Target Audience Deep Dive , which focuses on digging deep into who your ideal customers are, what they want, and how to talk to them.

Competitor Research which is done to assess what others in your space are doing so you can do it better.

Core Values

Brand Voice Guideline

Messaging Framework.

Brand Pillars and Content themes which provides direction on what to talk about on social media to establish oneself as an industry leader.

2. Brand Design including new colour palettes, logos and fonts.

3. Brand Style Guide

5. Web Design (Using WordPress & Elementor)

5. Website Tutorials

The process

1. Let's pull back the curtain on how I kicked off the branding and web design project with Judy

First off, I sent her a branding questionnaire and personality test, because my goal is to basically "get inside your head" to understand what you're looking for in your brand.

And for the fun part, Judy created a board on Pinterest. If you're a Pinterest newbie, don't worry—I'll guide you every step of the way. What was created on Pinterest served as a visual guide for what Judy wanted her brand to feel like. Armed with this, we transitioned into brand strategy.

2. Now, Let's Dive into Where the Magic Really Happens: Brand Strategy

Now, you might be wondering, why start with brand strategy? Because it's like the blueprint for a house; you wouldn't start building without it, right? Brand strategy is the core plan that informs every decision, every design, and every message your brand puts out there.

Through brand strategy, Judy and I uncovered two critical issues. First, her social media and website weren't positioning her as an industry leader. Second, they weren't attracting the right people, mainly parents, young children, and overwhelmed teens.

We set out to craft a brand that not only resonated with these audiences but also let Judy step into her role as an industry leader—without compromising who she is.

3. Then we got into the fun part where strategy transforms into something you can actually see and feel

Once we had a clear brand strategy in place, it was time to bring Judy's vision to life through brand and web design. This is the part where strategy transforms into something you can actually see and feel. I put together a custom logo, a cohesive color palette, and fonts tailored specifically for Judy's audience.

Something worth noting: a portion of the children and teens Judy works with are neurodivergent. So I carefully chose a color palette, fonts, and logo design that would be accessible and inclusive for them. It was extremely important to create a space where everyone feels seen and accommodated, without overwhelming sensory triggers.

4. I created her website homepage and then moved on to create the rest of the website

After receiving Judy's approval on the design of her website homepage, we were ready to progress and bring the rest of her website to life. Pictured below is the before and after image of her website.


Before version of website


After version of website

the website Mockup

Judy's Testimonial

"Vanesse was extremely professional and provided guidance and support for my project. I believe she understood exactly what I wanted. She provided external resources to help me articulate what I wanted on my website and I found this method extremely helpful. I wanted to work with someone that was heartfelt. I got that."


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