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Fun questions to uncover your brand’s personality

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Ever thought about what really hooks people to a brand? Sure, having a pretty brand is great, but it’s the depth and the personality behind it that really draws people in and keeps them there.

That’s why I want to share a branding exercise with you to help you uncover your brand’s personality. These are some of the same fun and insightful questions I go through with my clients. They’re designed to help you peel back the layers of your brand and explore its depth.

So, let’s dig in:

1. How does your brand greet people?

Does it offer a firm handshake, a friendly fist bump, a distant hello, or perhaps a warm hug? This is all about the first impression your brand makes. Is it super friendly, somewhat formal, or cool and casual?

2. If your brand were a type of shoe, would it be high heels or sneakers?

High heels often symbolize elegance and sophistication, perfect for a polished and professional brand. Sneakers, on the other hand, might mean your brand is all about comfort and being down-to-earth, and it’s probably casual and approachable.

3. If your brand were a season, would it be summer or winter?

Is it like the summer sun, bright, warm, and full of energy? Or a cozy winter, reflective, calm, and a bit introspective? The season your brand embodies can say a lot about its vibe and how it connects with people.

4. How does your brand talk?

Your brand’s way of talking says a lot about its personality. Think of how it would sound if it were a person at a party.

5. Is there anything that frustrates your brand about the world?

What are the things, big or small, that your brand would love to change or improve? This could range from promoting self-care, challenging societal norms, to advocating for mental wellness or encouraging creativity. These frustrations reveal what your brand passionately stands for.

6. When people meet your brand, they immediately feel… [insert word]

What’s the immediate emotional response your brand evokes? Confidence, comfort, inspiration, trust? This is crucial for understanding the initial impact of your brand and setting the stage for your relationship with your audience.

These insights are meant to offer a deeper understanding of your brand’s unique character and the ways it connects with the world. I’m really excited to see how you use these questions to explore your brand.

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