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Introducing Holistic Business Company

Lynette Williams,the founder of Holistic Business Company, is a productivity and goal-setting coach, based in Florida. She’s passionate about helping women build successful businesses without wrestling with mom-guilt, sacrificing their time with their family or burning themselves to the ground.

Work Covered

Branding and web design

What Lynette was looking for

Lynette felt like when people landed on her website they were confused about her services so she wanted a website that communicated what she did with more clarity. After moving from an agency to being a solo-entrepreneur she also wanted a brand that reflected her more accurately.

What her brand and website felt like after we were done

By collaborating we ended up with a brand and website that had a feminine, confident, elegant and bohemian vibe, while still feeling friendly and approachable, which was what she was looking for. She loved her website and felt like her website reflected her services clearly.

We started with the moodboard

We started off with creating a moodboard that captured her brand and felt aligned, while also making her ideal clients feel like her brand was warm, fun and approachable. And this was the moodboard that we chose:

holistic business company moodboard

Which led to the logos and brand guideline

lynettes business card design
lynette logo display
brand guideline

And then the website

Lynettes website mockup

Kind Words From Lynette

lynettes image

“When I came to Vanesse for my website, I knew immediately she was the right designer for me. Her process instantly gave me the comfort and confidence I desired to hand off a huge business asset to a complete stranger. Was it scary? No…you would think something like this would be, but when you work with Vanesse you will see that she cares so deeply, and she is so incredibly talented and organized, all of your doubts and fears will melt away. Just trust her and the process, and she will deliver the website of your dreams.”

Lynette Williams

productivity and goal-setting coach

Let's get your website and branding looking great

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