Branding for Female Therapists and Coaches

Feeling Overwhelmed with Building Your Brand?

If that resonates with you then allow me to introduce you to Victoria, my client who knows this feeling all too well.

About The Business

Victoria,the founder of Holistic Recovery Services,is a recovery coach and therapist, based in North Dakota. She's passionate about changing how people with addiction are being supported in the world. And changing what wellness looks like so that people can find freedom and heal emotionally, physically and spiritually.

What we uncovered in the branding process

Through the branding process we discovered that Holistic Recovery Services is a magical and spiritual brand. If the brand were a person, it would be described as an intuitive healer who loves talking about wellness, crystals and reiki. The brand believes that all dreams can come true if you can just have a little bit of hope and faith.

What Victoria was looking for

Victoria was overwhelmed with trying to build her website and did not feel she could create the website she wanted on her own. She also wanted to feel more confident about sharing her website with her ideal clients.

What her brand and website felt like after we were done

She loved her branding. She also felt she had more clarity about her business and who her ideal client was. And from the branding we did, she was able to confidently apply her new brand to her website.

victoria logo mockup
victoria logo mockup
packaging logo

Kind Words From Victoria


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