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Creating a Coaching Website That Connects with Your Ideal Clients on a Personal Level

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I’m going to make a wild guess and say that you:

  • Want to have a website that your ideal clients will love, and will relate to.
  • You care deeply about your ideal clients and want them to feel seen, heard and understood,
  • And you want them to have crystal clear clarity around how you can help them.

As a coach, you want your ideal clients to know that you genuinely care about them. And you genuinely want them to get the transformation they are looking for.

But sometimes we can struggle to communicate that on our websites. This is why I wanted to share the first steps you can take towards having a website that makes your ideal clients feel seen, heard and understood.

Always meet them where they are

If you’ve been on a discovery/clarity call or have hopped on calls with clients, the people you were on the call with would have described their frustrations, struggles and desires.

Which would have helped you understand what they needed to move forward and get the transformation they were looking for.

Now how they describe their problems is really important because it most likely depicts how other people like them (who are your ideal clients) feel as well, and these are the words that you want to use to speak to your ideal clients and make them feel heard and understood.

If you are new to coaching and you either have had 1 or 2 clients or haven’t had clients at all, then don’t worry because this will still be helpful to you, so stick around.

Let’s talk about the mistake that trips people up when working on their websites.

Offering a cure without talking about the symptoms

Let’s take a moment and imagine that you were sick and you ‘Googled’ your symptoms. The results will either give you various explanations as to why you don’t feel well and in some cases, you might get a single answer.

Let’s say you had anaemia, but you’ve never had anaemia before.

Now if you’ve never had anaemia, you won’t be walking around saying to yourself, ‘what is the cure to anaemia’.

And you’re not going to be searching for iron pills/supplements which help with anaemia because you don’t know what it is yet. All you know is that you don’t feel well and you just want to feel better.

It’s the same thing with your ideal clients. If they have never worked with someone who does what you do, they might not know they need someone like you. They might not know they need a life coach, or a business coach or a productivity coach, etc. They just know how they feel, and wish there was a better or easier way.

This is why it’s important to speak to how they are feeling and how they are describing their problems.

If you’ve been where they are right now, you can think about how you used to feel at that time, and everything that was happening in your life that should have been a sign to you that you needed outside support. That you needed someone to step in and help you.

You might not get this 100% right on the first try and that’s okay because once you get more clients and you listen to how they talk about their struggles, you will get better clarity. So it’s not about getting it perfect from the start

The mistake that coaches make on their websites that creates a disconnection between them and their ideal clients

Avoid explaining your ideal client’s struggles from your perspective. Hear me out. You might mention on your website that they have limiting beliefs, but if your ideal client isn’t a coach, do they even know what limiting beliefs are?

Because I know personally I only learned what limiting beliefs were after being around coaches, so I had no clue what it was before that.

This is why you want to be careful, and avoid using words that only someone in your industry would understand because this puts a wall between you and your ideal client.

If you aren’t sure that your website or brand is connecting with your ideal client, then I’d love to support you. Because you deserve to have a website and brand that makes your ideal clients excited to work with you. I’m currently offering limited 1-hour website audits, so click here to book your spot.

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