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Dealing with rejection and ghosting as an entrepreneur

Have you heard the saying ” If you struggle with rejection then you’re not cut out to be an entrepreneur”?

Well… this isn’t really true. Rejection comes with the territory of being an entrepreneur, but let’s be honest, it still stings when people either reject you or ghost you.

Rejection is something that we gradually get used to. But if you have a hard time getting used to it, it doesn’t mean you’re not cut out to be an entrepreneur, it just means you’re human. Who likes being rejected and doesn’t get affected by it at all?

This is why I’d love to share 4 ways to deal with rejection and ghosting:

1. Practice affirmations that motivate you and help you reframe rejection

For example, by saying something like, “Even if someone says no, I will keep showing up and sharing what I offer until someone finally says yes”.

If you’re skeptical of affirmations, I understand. I used to be skeptical too until I realized that if you keep repeating them, they do help.

2. Don’t take it personally

Rejection or ghosting doesn’t mean people don’t like you or that you suck at what you do.

People are constantly being sold to. It’s not that what you offer isn’t great. It might just mean that you need to find a better way to cut through the noise to attract your ideal client.

3. Be mindful of the content that you consume

You can do this by:

  • Listening to podcasts that you can relate to
  • Reading self-help books that fire you up
  • Be intentional about the social media accounts you follow. Follow people that inspire/motivate you, and mute those that make you feel bad about yourself(even if that’s not their intention)
  • Sign up for email newsletters that you will look forward to reading in the morning

4. Take a break

Take a few hours or a day off. Sometimes we need to process things, and once we’ve done that we’ll be able to keep going. Jack Ma says it better:

“Of course, you’re not happy when people say ‘no’,” he said, adding that you should go and “have a good sleep, wake up and try again.”

You will eventually get better at handling rejection and ghosting, but if you’re still struggling then it’s okay and you’re definitely you’re not alone. But don’t give up, keep going, and think about the person that needs what you offer. Keep showing up for that person.

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