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Creating a Brand That Feels Right: Brand Alignment

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Branding focuses on getting your ideal client to think about you, your business and your services in a specific way.

But in order for you to build a brand, that doesn’t just speak to your ideal client but is also authentic and aligned, it has to evoke specific feelings in you as a business owner. So here are 5 things that your brand should make you feel:

1. In what feels like a saturated industry, it should make you feel like you stand out

When you started your business, you might have felt like your industry was saturated. Because, let’s be honest, there are a lot of coaches and service providers out there.

And if you’ve ever been in a business community, either in Facebook groups or followed specific Instagram hashtags religiously, you will notice that people over time begin to almost sound the same. And this is what I know you don’t want.

In the sea of voices, opinions and promotions, you want your ideal client to be able to pick you out from the crowd.

And that’s what branding does, it helps you figure out what makes you different from everyone else so that you can use that strategically to stand out in your ideal client’s mind.

2. It should make you feel more confident

Creating content for your business can be challenging, because sometimes you’ll be wondering, “will this work”, or “will my ideal client care about what I’m putting out there.”

But with branding, you will have a clearer picture of who your ideal client is, and because of this, you will know how to talk to them and what they really care about.

You will no longer have to wonder if anything you’re putting out there is resonating.

3. It should make you feel more aligned

You can have a pretty website and have a successful business but have a brand that doesn’t feel aligned.

One of the things that contributed to me starting my business was when I built my first website. I got a lot of compliments from people who thought my website looked great. But the truth was, I didn’t like my website. Something didn’t feel right about it.

It was only when I started learning about branding that I realized where the problem was: my brand didn’t feel aligned.

Your brand has the ability to shape the first impression that people will get about your business. And your brand doesn’t just get expressed through your website. It extends to your social media platforms as well and how you interact with your ideal clients and current clients.

This is why you might have heard people say, “your brand is more than a logo”. It really is. Your brand is like a real person that embodies the heart and soul of your business. It is the first thing people will encounter before they meet the person behind the brand, which is you.

When it is designed and executed well, it will make you feel more aligned in your business and help you feel more authentic.

4. It will make you feel excited about where your business is going

When I work on my client’s branding, they often feel more excited about their business. Because through our branding process, we look into the future of the business. We look at the bigger picture. And we plan for it.

Looking at the vision you have for your business, and where you want to go is not only exciting, but it can bring a lot of clarity, which takes me right into my next point.

5. It will bring more clarity

Brand strategy (which is a part of branding) allows you to extract all the ideas that you have about your business. And as a result, you get to reevaluate your business, what you want to stand for, who you really want to work with and where you want to take your business.

Often times we spend so much time working with clients that we don’t always get the time to sit down and reevaluate the direction that our business is heading in and look at what shifts we need to make to improve our business. But something that I offer my clients is a brand strategy session, where we get to do just that.

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