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My coaching business is new, do I really need a brand?

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So you’ve started your business in the last year (which is awesome, and congrats!) and you might be wondering if you need a brand for your business at this point.

Especially alongside all the other 10 000 things, that you feel like you need in your business right now.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 5 reasons why you need a brand even if you are slightly new at coaching.

1. A brand shapes how your ideal clients will feel about you before they ever get to meet you

We know as individuals that how we see ourselves is not necessarily how others see us. And that also applies to your business.

A lot of successful businesses and brands have created strategies to shape how they want their ideal clients or customers to feel about them.

So how you want your ideal client to feel about you requires strategy and as a result, requires branding. Because your brand isn’t just about your logo, or the colours you use in your business, but its really about how you want your ideal clients to see you

2. Working on your brand brings alot of clarity

This is where brand strategy comes in, which falls under the umbrella of branding. Brand strategy is mainly about looking at the “bigger picture” when it comes to your business and planning for the future.

Being able to look at your business in this way will give you clarity in terms of where you want to take your business and the impact you want to make, as well as the steps you need to consistently take to get there.

3. Your brand makes it easier to form a deeper connection with your ideal client

56% of people stay loyal to brands that “get them,” and 89% of people are loyal to brands that share their values.

So we are clearly living in a time where people invest in brands and businesses that reflect their own values.

Through branding, you learn how to express your values to help you form an emotional connection with your ideal clients. Because talking about it isn’t enough. It needs to be expressed in such a way that your ideal clients will get it just by coming across your brand.

4. In a sea of voices, promotions and opinions, your brand enables you to stand out

Let’s be honest, social media is a pretty noisy place.

If you are relying mostly on social media to get leads, and if you are working with clients from different parts of the world, you are basically also competing with coaches from different parts of the world, with some of them having a similar ideal client.

This is why having a brand becomes really important. Because imagine that your ideal client came across you and another coach.

And both of you offered similar services, had similar pricing and what you talked about on social media was similar. But imagine that you had a brand that helped you:

  • Create an emotional connection
  • That helped your ideal client understand and connect with your values
  • And your brand visuals were not only on point and consistent, but they also embodied the heart of your business

That definitely would make it easier for your ideal client to not only remember you but also eventually choose to work with you.

5. Your brand will help you feel more confident

Imagine sharing your website with your ideal clients or having them come across you on social media and:

  • Feeling confident about how your brand and website look instead of comparing your website or branding to other coaches
  • Knowing that your brand and website are positioned to attract your ideal client
  • Knowing that your ideal clients will see you in the way that you want them to see you, and as a result, knowing that your ideal clients, will feel connected to you

This is all possible and it starts with working on your brand. So it’s never too early to get started on your brand.

If this post really spoke to you and you feel like you’re ready to start working on your brand, then I’d love to support you. Head on over to my website and brand services page to see the different ways I can support you.

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