The Beginner’s Guide to Branding Yourself



You know that your services are great – but how do you reach out to your dream clients and help them understand what makes you so different?

That’s where branding comes in.
Of all the things that women entrepreneurs must do, creating a brand is often the first thing on their to-do list – and for good reason. Yet with all of the tasks that need to be tackled before and after launching their business, setting aside time for branding can feel like a luxury.

When it comes to creating a brand, getting started doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

But when done well, it’s one of the most valuable investments you can make as an entrepreneur. The Beginner’s Guide to Branding, also known as the Brand Essentials will help you clarify where you are headed, build a brand that makes a lasting impression, and break through all of the noise out there so your business stands out.
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What You’ll Learn in this Guide:

  • How to connect with your ideal clients on a human level. Think of it as an ideal client exercise without the fluff, and without the boring stuff that doesn’t help you connect with your dream client
  • How to create a bold & brave brand to help you get to the heart of your brand
  • How to level up your branding game through a branding quiz in which you’ll receive customized answers

This guide is definitely for you if:

You are a female entrepreneur who wants to create a brand that helps you connect with your dream clients on a deeper level and show up online more boldly and authentically.

This guide is probably not for you if:

You’re solely interested in learning about how to pick your brand colors or design a logo. This guide focuses on building a strong foundation for your brand so that you can stand out in a sea of sameness, connect with your dream clients on a deep level, and express your true personality, unapologetically.

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