Newsflash: It takes 7 seconds for people to decide if they like or trust your brand

So is your brand creating a genuine connection with your dream clients within a mere 7 seconds?

Branding is not just about looking professional as a business owner

Your brand is your unique fingerprint in the business world. It’s the key to establishing yourself as an industry leader, amplifying the perceived value of your products and services, attracting dreamy clients and empowering you to confidently charge higher prices.

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By the time our work is done, you won’t just have a brand. You’ll have a whole new level of confidence and clarity in your business.

When you find yourself consistently attracting clients who can’t afford your services or social media followers who don’t align with your dream client profile, it’s clear that a better social media strategy alone won’t cut it. What you truly need is a brand that effortlessly attracts the right people.

I'm not just here to make your brand look pretty

I’m here to build a brand that turns heads, positions you as an industry leader in your field, and helps you fully express yourself. Because when you show up as your true, unapologetic self, you naturally attract those dream clients.

You want a brand that oozes personality and captivates your ideal audience

The problem? Creating a brand can feel like wandering through a bewildering maze, leaving you scratching your head, overwhelmed, and time-strapped.

Because when you’ve been pouring your heart into DIY-ing your brand, only to end up feeling unsatisfied and uncertain about it, you’re going to need support. I’m here to make it easier.

Are You Ready To:

Client Love

Break the mold and make your mark with a bold, non-conventional brand.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the branding process? No worries,these are the different ways I can support you:

Brand Strategy & Design

This is for you if:

Brand Design

This is for you if:

Brand Strategy

This is for you if:

Need A Closer Look at the Branding Services Offered?

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Picture a website that tells your story, reflects your personality and stands out

Let’s make it a reality. Here are the different ways I can support you:

All-Inclusive & Custom Website

This is for you if:

Custom One -Page Website

This is for you if:

Need A Closer Look at the Web Design Services Offered?

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Say goodbye to fragmented branding and web design solutions

This package has got you covered:

Branding & Web Design

This is for you if:

Client Love

Explore the Branding and Web Design Experience

1. Get in Touch

Are you ready to take the first step, or do you have more questions? Schedule a consultation or inquire via email and let's have a chat to see how I can support you.

2. Branding

Once we've evaluated where you are in your business and what you need, we will begin building your brand

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3. Web design

It's time to make the vision you have for your website a reality. Once we've finalized your brand, it's now time to build a website that aligns with your new brand.

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4. Launch

After refining your website, we willl finally get to the moment we've been waiting for. Where we launch and show off your website to the world!

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5. Maintenance & Support

You won't have to worry about me disappearing after launch day. I will provide maintenance for your website for 1 month AFTER we launch at no extra cost to you.

More Kind Words

I feel more confident in my online communication

I needed to gain insight and perspective on how I could improve my website to better connect with my target audience. Vanesse helped me identify its strong elements and also came up with very useful practical suggestions and tools that really made all the difference in levelling it up. And I feel more confident in my online communication thanks to her consulting."
Sandrine Bobinet
Executive & Life Coach

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Frequently Asked Questions

I do also create e-commerce websites. Not all e-commerce websites are the same, and some might need more features than others. In order to determine a final price we’d have to hop on a call so that I can understand what your website needs are. 

If you need to have an idea of how much it might cost, the starting price would be  $8500. 

If you do want to chat further, please book a free discovery call or inquire

No I don’t, but I do provide a DIY Copywriting Guide to help you create your website copy or messaging if you are can’t work with a copywriter right now.  But if you need me to help you find a copywriter, let me know in the call.

Yes, I do have  payment plans available. 

1. You usually start off by investing a 30% deposit to book your spot as a client. 

2. Then you invest 35% by the end of the first month of us working together.

3. And then you invest a final 35% by the end of the second month.

If you sign up for e-commerce, the pricing plan will be split into 4 parts instead of 3. With a deposit of 40%.

Book a free call, or fill out a form to contact me so we can dig deeper into the questions you have,

Let's get your website and branding looking great.Book a free consult.

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