Website Design For Female Mental Health Practitioners: A Case Study

Do you find yourself getting a little nervous or butterflies in your stomach at the thought of creating and sharing your website with the world?

If that resonates with you then allow me to introduce you to Shauna, my client who knows this feeling all too well.

About The Business

My Beautiful Intentions is mental health-focused business that believes in taking a holistic approach to tackle trauma, stress, and overwhelm. It was founded by Shauna Reed, a mental health professional who's not only a licensed clinical social worker but also a certified nutrition counselor.

The goal

Shauna had a clear vision: she wanted her website to be the heart of her business. Shauna's website had three primary goals in mind: to raise awareness, leave a lasting impression, and grow her email list. In addition to the website, Shauna had a core product: journals designed to help individuals manage stress and overwhelm. Her aim was to enable customers across the US to purchase these journals directly from her website. Lastly, she sought to create a customized book that would accompany the journals, offering even more support and guidance.

Scope of the Project:

1. Brand Retouch
2. Customer Journey
3. Market Research
4. Web Design (Using Wix)
5. Brand Collateral (21 Page Book and Email Marketing Template and Signature)
6. Website Tutorials

The Outcome

We crafted a website strategy tailored to meet Shauna's business goals. Our strategy involved delving into the purpose of her website, identifying her ideal clients, and addressing the specific problem that My Beautiful Intentions aimed to solve in the world. As part of the process, we also conducted a brand retouch to ensure that her brand's color palette translated effectively on the website. Additionally, we developed a customized email template and signature for Shauna to use in her email communications with her growing email list. To enhance her offering, we designed an engaging book that could be printed and paired with her journal.

A peek at the website

The process

1. We kicked off with a website strategy, diving deep to uncover the goals of the website and gaining a crystal-clear understanding of how it should function and look in the end.

From this strategy, we uncovered the core problem that Shauna's products and business aimed to solve in the world. We also honed in on the desired vibe of her website, identified her dream clients, and gained insight into their true desires. With this understanding, we strategically positioned Shauna and her website as the ultimate solution for her audience.

My Beautiful Intentions Website Vibe





2. I then created a moodboard based on the vibe

To ensure we were on the same page, I created a moodboard to capture the main vibe of the website.

The Moodboard

3. Then the website copy was put together

Understanding that Shauna hadn't worked with a copywriter yet, I provided her with a valuable DIY Website Copy Guide. This guide was designed to help her gather all the essential content needed for the project. By sharing this resource, I wanted to empower Shauna to take control of her website's copy and ensure it reflected her unique business vision

4. I created her website homepage and then moved on to create the rest of the website

After receiving Shauna's approval on the design of her website homepage, we were ready to progress and bring the rest of her website to life. Pictured below is her homepage and about me page

about me page-shauna

the website Mockup

5. Once the website was done, we went on to create the book

Similar to the website, we prioritized the creation of the ebook's content before proceeding with the design phase. By focusing on crafting compelling copy, we ensured that the essence of the ebook aligned perfectly with Shauna's vision before bringing it to life through thoughtful design.

Shauna's Testimonial

"My work with Vanesse began just before I started my small business venture. As a new entrepreneur, I had (and still have) a lot of anxiety around building a successful business. My knowledge about what to expect is minimal. Although I know who I am as a professional, my ability to organize that information in a way that makes sense to my business is limited. Vanesse was very helpful with everything I just mentioned. She is extremely patient and kind. She never once seemed irritated with my numerous questions. She worked hard to ensure that I had a website that I loved...and I do love it! Thank you, Vanesse. I look forward to working with you again in the future!"


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