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Working with a Designer Made Easy: A Guide for Small Business Owners

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You might be thinking about working with a designer, either to create your logo, your branding or website or even all 3. But you’re wondering what would it be like to work with a designer. Because you definitely don’t want to pick the wrong person, end up with something you hate or invest alot of money only to regret it.

In this post, I’ll be talking about what working with a designer is like from the moment you contact them until your new website or brand is complete.

Now, this is based mostly on my process and how I work with clients but you’ll find that most designers have a similar process with a few differences.

1. It always starts with a contact form or a discovery call

Most designers prefer contact forms or application forms but others also have a discovery call that you can book.

If the designer has a contact or application form, once you fill in the form, they will usually read through your form and if they feel like you are a good fit, they’ll send you a link so that you can book a discovery call. This is usually within 72 hours of you filling out the form.

2. What happens on the discovery call

The discovery call is there to see if you and your potential designer would be a match made in heaven.

On your side, this is a chance to create a list of questions to ask the designer, especially if you are planning to get on discovery calls with more than 1 designer.

3. What happens after the discovery call

Most designers will send you a proposal. A proposal is either a document or a webpage where they go over what was discussed in the call, and provide you with additional information about the project.

Now some designers tend to work with a very small number of clients at a time so sometimes it might take 3-4 months before the project can officially start, so reaching out to a designer early is always a good idea.

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4. The deposit kicks off the project

Once you accept a proposal, you’ll be given a contract to sign. You’ll also get an invoice to pay a deposit for the project.

Some designers do request clients to pay the full amount upfront, others ask for 50% and others ask for less. Personally, I ask for 30% of the total amount upfront. Once this is paid your project kicks off.

5. You’ll get an introductory guide or get on a call

Some designers will send you a welcome package or guide, others will get on a call with you to introduce you to the project. This should give you even more information about the project so that you know what to expect.

6. The process

Now, this part will depend on what you were looking for, whether it is a website or branding or a logo. But most projects take between 3 weeks to 12 weeks. While others, like an e-commerce website, might take longer.

This is the part that will really differ depending on who your designer is. Personally, I get on discovery calls with clients only when we need to and I sent them guides when I need additional information to design the brand or website that they are envisioning.

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7. The project ends

At this point, your new website or brand is completed. Personally, when my clients come to me for a website I provide anything from 14-days to 1-month of free website maintenance, depending on the package they chose.

You can also sign up for monthly website maintenance if you don’t want to manage the website after it launches.

If you’ve been thinking about working with a designer for your business then I’d love to support you. Visit the branding services page or web design services page to learn more.

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