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My custom brand design process for female entrepreneurs

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I totally get it, working with a new designer for the first time can feel a bit like stepping into the unknown. You might have a swirl of questions buzzing in your head. That’s why I thought I’d pull back the curtain and give you a sneak peek into my branding process:

1. Priority one: making sure we’re a good match

I kick things off with an introductory call – a full hour of undivided attention just for you where you can ask me anything. My favourite people to work with are women who :

  • Say a big ‘no’ to ‘mean girl’ marketing or anything that feels shady or manipulative— cause you want your clients to feel good and empowered when they choose you, right?
  • See their businesses as a force for good
  • Believe in carving their own path, and building a business that’s unmistakably theirs.
  • Want their business to be a space where they can be themselves, and hey, have some fun too! Yes, running a business is serious stuff, but if we’re not having any fun, then what’s the point, right?

2. Once it’s official, we get started with the groundwork

Once we’re official and the deposit is paid, I’ll send over some prep work, which will allow me to basically “get inside your head” to understand what you’re looking for in your brand. And you’ll also create a Pinterest board (this can be done way before we work together). This is where you share every speck of inspiration, so I can start seeing your vision through your eyes. If you’re a Pinterest newbie, don’t worry—I’ll guide you every step of the way.

A moodboard

3. Then we get into the most important part of the project – brand strategy

Brand strategy is the thing that informs every decision, every design, and every message your brand puts out there. This is where your brand starts to take shape. These are usually workshops which focus on business, marketing, messaging, positioning your brand and creating your brand story which is meant to attract the right people to you.

4. Then, the fun part – creating the style scape(like a mood board, but cooler)

A style scape is almost similar to a mood board, so think of it as a collage that captures the vibe of your brand— it is a collection of colours, textures, and images that represent your brand at a glance.

5. And then, the moment you’ve been waiting for: logo design

This is the fun part where I get to put on my creative hat and dive into designing your logo. I know that you’re looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression on your clients. So, I pore over every little detail you’ve handed over to me and do competitor research to create something that will differentiate you from those who are in your industry.

A logo design with the words 'Maven Aura'

6. Then we flesh out the full brand package

With the logo done, we’ll finalize things like your fonts and your brand guideline. Think of your brand guideline in this way: your brand tells a story—a narrative that connects you with your audience. And your brand guideline is there to ensure that you tell it consistently and beautifully. By being consistent, you’ll make your brand easily recognizable, ensuring your ideal clients both remember and trust you.

A paper that shows a page in a branding guideline

7. And if you’re up for it, we can dive into web design

We can create a website that’s in perfect harmony with your brand, ensuring there’s no disconnect between your brand and your website. Just a heads up, for every website project, we need to start with the branding first, as your brand dictates how your website will look and feel.

a fun website design

Eager to learn more? Download the services or pricing guide or if you’re good to go, book an introductory call!

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