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Branding basics: Why telling your story is so important

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Often times when we think about our brand we might think of colours, fonts or even a logo. But your brand is more than that.

Your brand is the first encounter that your ideal client will have with your business before they get on a call with you. This is why if you want to form a genuine connection with your ideal client, you have to start with your brand. And a huge part of that is telling your story.

You might be hesitant to tell your story, maybe because you are a private person. Or you don’t want to overshare, or maybe you’re thinking, why would anyone care about my story?

But your story is one of the things that will humanize your brand. And your ideal client will get drawn to your brand if it is relatable and if it feels ‘more human’.

So here are 5 questions to help you incorporate your story into your brand:

1. What do you stand for (and how can you show it)?

This focuses on your values. What’s important to you and what does your business stand for?

Do you value authenticity, transparency, community, inclusivity or serving others? If that’s the case, then the next step is to find creative ways you can share that.

Post images of your community. Or mention something a previous client said that displays these values.

When interacting with people in your DMs, be authentic and transparent.

So that what you stand for goes beyond words, and people, can pick it up when they interact with you.

2. What dragons have you had to slay along the way in your business?

Talk about the obstacles you’ve had. Especially those that you think your ideal clients will resonate with.

Did you have a bad experience with a coach or service provider that made you hesitate to invest in those services again? Did you struggle juggling being a mom and business owner?

Did you struggle with severe imposter syndrome?

Share this so that your ideal clients know that you understand what they are going through.

3. What do you have in common with your ideal client?

Often times in business we get drawn to people who are similar to us in one way or another.

For example, if you are a heart-centered coach who wants to work with heart-centered entrepreneurs, you would want to intentionally attract those kinds of people.

So what do you have in common with your ideal client that will connect you with them on a deeper level?

4. How will your business make the world a better place?

What change do you want to bring into the world?

What change do you want to bring into your industry?

Your ideal clients most likely have the desire to change the world or make it better somehow.

People that have a similar desire or vision to you will get drawn to your brand. Either because they want you to succeed. Or because they know that you understand their vision to change the world or their industry.

So think about what impact you want to make and share it.

5. How much do you value connection and relationships?

People value connections. That’s why so many people hate cold DMs and emails. Because they are impersonal.

Unless someone is ready to buy immediately, most people will prefer to get to know you a little better before investing in your services or products.

So how can you be intentional in building relationships with people who aren’t ready to buy yet?

Once they land on your website, is there a way for them to follow you on social media so that they can get to know you better?

Do you intentionally find ways to invite them into your DMs so that you can have a casual conversation with them?

Do you engage with their content, not just for a sale, but to build a genuine relationship?

On top of incorporating all 5 questions into your brand, you can also include them on your website and social media platforms.

Sis, your story matters. Your story can impact the lives of other people. And there are people who can’t wait to hear your story. So that voice that tells you that nobody cares about your story is lying to you. I promise.

I used to listen to that voice for a long time, and I realized that there are always people who care about what you have to say.

So go out there and share your story.

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