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Heart-centered business: the revolution the world needs

Some of the things that you might be passionate about as a heart-centered entrepreneur includes:

  • making a difference in the world through your business
  • having a business that feels aligned with you
  • having a business that makes you feel like you are living out your purpose

But sometimes when we start our businesses there is often this pressure to show up in a specific way, and that can lead to us showing up in a way that doesn’t feel good or aligned.

Whether you are new in business or you’ve been doing it for a while, here are 5 reasons why the world needs heart-centered entrepreneurs just like you to show up fully as themselves and share their gifts, hearts, and expertise with the world:

1. You empower other people to show up as themselves, when you show up authentically

I’ve worked with some heart-centered entrepreneurs and here’s what I’ve noticed:

They all find it extremely important to show up authentically, and as a heart-centered entrepreneur, this gave me the freedom to be myself. And know that by allowing my heart and values to shine through, I would attract people who are similar to me.

People need the reminder that it’s important to be authentic instead of trying to be like all the other entrepreneurs out there, and this is something that heart-centered entrepreneurs do well.

2.You show up fully for your clients and you are invested in their success

As a heart-centered entrepreneur it’s important to you that your clients have an amazing experience. Not just to get referrals or testimonials but because you know your clients deserve better and they deserve to succeed.

There are many people out there who’ve had unpleasant experiences with coaches, designers and other service providers.

So being invested in your clients success will not only make you stand out, but it will also feel good because you’re simply treating your client the way you want to be treated.

3. The world needs people who understand that being compassionate and having a big heart is a strength and not a weakness

Because as Betty Bender puts it: “when people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.”

And sadly this is the case because we are often taught to only do our work with our minds and not with our hearts. But being heart-centered and being compassionate isn’t something we or our clients should have to hide.

The world needs leaders and entrepreneurs that lead with compassion, empathy, soul and heart. This helps us relate with our clients and team more, helps us form connections that go beyond the work we do, which can be a breath of fresh air in the business world.

4. We need more people who are intentional about building genuine relationships

One thing that happens in business a lot is that often people try to sell to you without creating a relationship first.

And this can make you feel like somebody sees you as nothing more than a number. A number that exists to help them make money in their business.

But people crave authentic business relationships because lets be honest, building a business can be lonely. The world needs more people who are interested in the person behind the business.

5. The world needs more businesses whose core purpose for existing is to do good in the world

How many times do we hear of businesses that either rip clients or employees off? Or don’t live by their values or mission statements?

Some businesses have a brand purpose that is just words but there’s no action behind it. But heart-centered entrepreneurs want to make money while also doing good in the world.

Your purpose and your passion revolves around making the world a better place through your business. And this is something the world needs to see more of.

So if you’ve been hesitant about allowing your heart-centeredness to come through in your business, this is a reminder that the world and your industry needs you to step out and lead with heart.

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