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Your Business, Your Rules: Running Your Online Business on Your Own Terms

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Have you noticed how social media feels a bit like we’re all in a room, not just talking, but kind of yelling over each other? We’re so busy proving who’s right or wrong, it’s become overwhelming.

Showing up online takes tons of courage because it’s super intimidating. But this past year, I’ve seen posts that contribute to why people are so afraid of being themselves online.

Take a simple thing like posting a photo with your morning coffee. If someone comments, “There’s a better way to show up,” it would suck, right? Cause you put yourself out there, and bam, judgment. And it can make you hesitate to do anything like that again, right? And I feel like that’s kind of what I’m observing online.

Instead of getting caught up in that, we can decide to make our corner of the internet a place where people feel safe  to just be themselves, to experiment without fear of being judged. I would definitely love to see more of that.

This ties into a big lesson about running an online business:

The importance of confidence and self-trust.

Without them, it’s easy to be swayed by every critical comment or controversial opinion. You might feel confused, overwhelmed, or even start doubting your approach. Alternatively, you might feel the urge to defend yourself.

I’ve experienced this, doubting myself the moment someone disagrees with me. But I’ve realized something important: how I run my business is up to me, and how you run your business is up to you. Basically, your business, your rules.

So here’s what I’m getting at:

  1. Our brands can either add to the negativity that we often see online, or it can choose to be different. That choice is always up to us.
  2. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, even if they aren’t always nice about it. And we don’t always have to engage with every post we disagree with.
  3. Everyone has their own way of doing things , and while some swear by a particular strategy, I’ve seen enough to know there’s no single path to success or to doing literally anything in your business.

So, remember: your business, your rules. Don’t let the noise drown out your voice or shake your confidence. Stand firm, keep it authentic, and let’s lead by example to create a more positive space online.

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